Access to Portable Seismic Equipment

  • The portable seismic equipment component is hosted at the the Research School of Earth Sciences, The Australian National University.

  • The equipment has been developed through investment from ANU, ANSIR MNRF, ARC LIEF, AuScope NCRIS & AGOS funding.

  • Scientific Coordinator: Dr Michelle Salmon (


  • Broad-band equipment
    50 sets of portable broad-band seismometers and high-fidelity recorders running from solar power.
    Demand for the broad-band instruments is generally high.
  • General equipment
    120 new LPR-200 solid-state recorders with internal batteries
    - suitable for deployments up to 3-4 months without servicing
    Lennartz LE-3Dlite 3-component 1Hz seismometers (1 Hz).
    50 Trillium Compact broadband sensors (3-component, up to 120s)
    Recent demand for these systems has been very high.

Access Costs

Last updated 2016 November 7