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National Geotransects Program

Among the recommendations of the 2003 National Strategic Plan for the Geosciences was a program of national geotransects.

Recent Australian Government investment through the Onshore Energy Initiative to Geoscience Australia and NCRIS funding to AuScope provide the potential for turning the concept into reality.

A discussion paper prepared to stimulate discussion can be downloaded here as a PDF.

Please provide any reaction and comments on the Transects concept to Brian Kennett:

A preliminary Working Group has been formed comprising:
B.L.N. Kennett,  ANU
G. Heinson,  Adelaide
L. Pryer,  Frogtech
I. Tyler,  GSWA
R. Glen,  GSNSW
R. Korsch,  GA
D. Giles,  Adelaide
W.J. Collins.  JCU
B. Goleby,  GA

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