Applications for use of facility equipment

As a grouping of Facilities, ANSIR acts as a facilitator for access, but the owners of the individual Facilities set the terms for access

Contact Facility Coordinator
Proponents seeking access to particular equipment should therefore hold initial discussions with the Scientific Coordinator of the appropriate Facility (see list below). This will enable them to ascertain the likely availability of instruments, the costs involved in securing access to the desired equipment and appropriate insurance arrangements.

Proposal Submission
Applications to access ANSIR Facilities and Services equipment and services should be submitted to the Chair of the ANSIR Access Committee electronically by completing the appropriate ANSIR application form, and be followed by a signed copy that includes confirmation of institutional support (electronic signature is acceptable).

As far as possible Proposals should be submitted well in advance, with provisional submission for projects which have not yet secured funding.

Access is determined by merit judged by an Access committee which will deliberate periodically - normally three times per year in March, July, and October.

The Access Committee will make recommendations to the ANSIR Director, who will liase with the relevant Scientific Coordinator with respect to scheduling and equipment (or service) allcoation.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a project agreement.
For portable instrument work this is a simple form, confirming insurance arrangements and the liability of the proposer for losses and repairs.
For more complex multi-party arrangements a formal Project agreement will be required to specifiy the nature of the project and the responsibilities of the parties.

Note: The various types of portable instruments are in heavy demand and therefore potential users are urged to submit bids at the earliest opportunity.

An schedule of equipment allocations from previous bids can be found here . This will be updated as experiments are scheduled.

Scientific Coordinators

For experiments with the portable seismic equipment
Dr Michelle Salmon, RSES, ANU.

For electromagnetic experiments
Prof Graham Heinson, University of Adelaide.

For experiments with the OBS equipment
Dr Alexey Goncharov, Geoscience Australia.

For the Sub-surface Observatory
Dr Tim Rawling, University of Melbourne

For reflection experiments
Tristan Kemp, Geoscience Australia.

Last updated 2016 November 7