ANSIR Research Facilities for Earth Sounding

Who can use ANSIR facilities and services and on what basis?

  • All researchers
  • Access priority determined by the merit of research proposals
  • Access to Facilities and Services is provided by ANSIR, specific arrangements for experiments are made with the providers.
  • Training can be provided in the use of portable equipment
  • Researchers have to meet project operating costs

How can you access ANSIR?

  • Applications for use of facility equipment and services are sought three times annually at the beginning of March, July and October
  • Access is assessed on merit judged by the ANSIR Access Committee, which has specialised sub-committees to deal with the various Facilities and Services available
  • Further details re access procedure
  • All applicants need to discuss their requirements with the Scientific Coordinators of the appropriate Facility or Service before submitting a formal proposal.

  • Experiment proposals should be submitted to the Chair of the ANSIR Access Committee Tim Barton, Geoscience Australia

  • Application forms for Projects can be downloaded from this website.

Last updated 2016 November 7