Access to ANSIR Portable Instrument Components

The following provisions apply to portable instrument equipment for which access is secured through ANSIR.

Users of all equipment from the ANSIR Portable Instrument Component will be required to have sufficient insurance to cover loss or damage, before the equipment will be released. The Certificate of Insurance must cover Replacement Cost + 10 per cent for the full period for which the equipment is away from the Facility.
Details of the cover required will be supplied at the time the equipment is scheduled.

Equipment will be supplied from the Facility in field-ready condition.
A modest mobilisation fee is applied which varies with the equipment being used. Please consult the contact for the class of equipment that you wish to use for details.

Borrowers are responsible for all transport costs from the Facility locations to the point of use.

Equipment condition
Equipment will be supplied by the facility in clean, field-ready condition and is expected to be returned in a comparable condition. Borrowers will be responsible for any consequent repair and cleaning costs.

OBS Specific
1. OBS access fees :
For experiments from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 - A$250 per day per OBS instrument, with potential fee waiver for academic partners.
Indicative access costs for experiments after 1 July 2016 - A$500 per OBS instrument, pending approval by steering Committee.

2. Costs associated with construction of ballast weights.

Last updated 2016 November 7