AuScope has provided support for infrastructure through the NCRIS and EIF3 programs of the Australian Government

NCRIS: Earth Imaging

The Earth Imaging component of AuScope, funded through the Australian Government NCRIS program, provided support for the provision of portable equipment for seismic and magnetotelluric studies through ANSIR.

The Director of ANSIR acted as the Operational Manager for AuScope Earth Imaging.

Equipment for Passive Seismology remained based at the Australian National University.

Equipment for magnetotelluric work was made available through Adelaide University

Earth Imaging supported a program of acquisition of data infrastructure including reflection seismic transects supplemented by passive seismic and MT work.

AGOS: Earth Sounding

From EIF infrastructure funds, AuScope is providing support for renewal of portable seismic equipment, investment in ocean bottom seismometers and electrical recording equipment.

25 sets of broad-band recording equipment have been acquired, and are available for proposals

New short-period recorders are being built by ANU and 120 sets should be available by the middle of 2013

20 sets of ocean bottom seismometers are on order

Electrical recording equipment is being built at Adelaide University.

Equipment applications

Applications for use of portable equipment should be made by completing an ANSIR application form which should be sent to the Director at

Last updated 2016 November 7