ANNUAL SUMMARIES - ANSIR Research Facilities

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Annual Summaries - ANSIR

From 2015 an Annual Activity Summary is presented for the components of the expanded ANSIR Consortium.

Activity Summary 2015

Previous activities

Annual Summaries (ANSIR III)

The Annual Summaries provide a brief account of the activities and projects of the ANSIR National Research Facility for Earth Sounding from 2006 to the end of 2014.

Activity Summary 2013 July 1 - 2014 December 31

Annual Summary 2012-2013

Annual Summary 2011-2012

Annual Summary 2010-2011

Annual Summary 2009-2010

Earlier Summaries (ANSIR II)

Annual Summary 2006-2007

Annual Summary 2005-2006

Annual reports - ANSIR MNRF

Detailed reports are available for the period 1996-2005 in which ANSIR was funded under the Major National Research Facility Program

Annual Report 2004-2005

Annual Report 2003-2004

Annual Report 2002-2003

Annual Report 2001-2002

Annual Report 2000-2001

Annual Report 1999-2000

Annual Report 1998-1999

Annual Report 1997-1998

Annual Report 1996-1997

The work on tracking Marsupial Moles in central Australia featured in a 2004 Nature article

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