ANSIR Research Facilities for Earth Sounding

From 1 January 2015 ANSIR is an Australian-New Zealand partnership of 11 institutions:
• Geoscience Australia • The Australian National University • The University of Adelaide
• University of Melbourne • University of Tasmania • University of Western Australia
• University of New South Wales • University of Queensland • Macquarie University
• University of Auckland • Victoria University, Wellington;
which provides access to a range of research facilities and services for Earth Sounding.

As a grouping of Facilities and Services, ANSIR acts as a facilitator for access, but the owners of the individual Facilities and Services set the terms for access

Director: Dr Anya Reading, University of Tasmania

The current Facilities and Services that can be accessed through ANSIR are:

  • Seismic equipment
  • Magnetotelluric equipment
  • Ocean Bottom Seismometers
  • Subsurface Observatory Services
  • Reflection Seismic Services
  • Microseismics
  • ANSIR was originally created as a Major National Research Facility in 1997 by Geoscience Australia and The Australian National University to encourage and assist world-class research and education in the field of seismic imaging of the Earth. In 2008 the University Of Adelaide joined with support for electromagnetic research.

    Since 2007 ANSIR has operated in conjunction with the Earth Imaging component of the AuScope facility established under the NCRIS scheme. From 2011 further AuScope investment from the AGOS EIF program has provided additional equipment

    Equipment from ANSIR Facilities is available to all researchers on the basis of merit, as judged by an Access Committee on the basis of a short proposal. Researchers have to meet the project operating costs and a modest mobilisation fee. Training is provided in the use of the portable equipment.

    Applicants for access to ANSIR equipment and services should contact the appropriate Scientific Coordinators to discuss their needs for prospective projects and then prepare a formal proposal which is submitted to the Chair of the ANSIR Access Committee.

    Chair, Access Committee: Tim Barton, Geoscience Australia

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    Last updated 2016 November 7